Sign language to understand the world

Public Broadcasting TV and Radio Company (PBC) will start broadcasting evening news using sign language interpretation from August 2016.

To implement this initiative the agreement between PBC and UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic was signed.

According to the Law “On the Rights and Guarantees of persons with disabilities” of the Kyrgyz Republic, disabled people with hearing problems are able to obtain information through sign language at least from one of the local TV channels.

Currently, none of the local and national TV channels provide an opportunity for people with hearing problems to obtain information in accessible format – in sign language.

In this regard, UNDP project “Widening access to justice in the Kyrgyz Republic” supports PBC in introduction the sign language translation for news.

The main objective is to create opportunity for persons with disabilities, particularly for persons with hearing loss to get information about current events of the country through sign language.

In addition, the fact that the introduction of sign language on public channel shows the commitment of citizens to support vulnerable people.

Meri Bekeshova, UNDP project “Widening access to justice in the KR” Communication specialist 

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