About the site

The site was created by the Public Association “Journalists” and UNDP projects “Expanding Access to Justice in the Kyrgyz Republic” and “Improving the Rule of Law and Access to Justice for Sustainable Peace”.

The objectives of the joint project are:

– Promoting legal opportunities for vulnerable segments of the population of Chui, Jalal-Abad, Batken and Osh oblasts, with special attention to rural women, children, youth at risk, persons with disabilities and ethnic minorities;

– improving access to justice and legal assistance in accordance with international human rights standards and recommendations.

Women, children, people with disabilities and young people at risk face serious problems in gaining access to justice. Lack of experience and education, economic dependence, lack of knowledge of their rights, low awareness of the mechanisms of protection of their rights and interests, and often the lack of necessary documents make it difficult to apply to official and unofficial bodies of justice: law enforcement agencies, courts, NGOs, legal clinics, courts Aksakals.

The site will publish materials prepared by the Kyrgyz media within the framework of this project, as well as highlight the activities of the project.