Sign language interpreters in Kyrgyzstan (video)

“A sign language interpreter is a bridge between the persons with hearing disability and the society.” I am glad to have the opportunity to participate in the creation of this film. I like my profession. However, the sign language interpreters are unfortunately underpaid. The Government does not allocate funds for the sign language interpreters, and the persons with hearing disability have to hire such interpreters and pay from their own pockets. Not everyone has the opportunity to pay for such services. Finally, they have to do without a sign language interpreter or stay at home,” one of the few qualified sign language interpreters, Zhumakadyr kyzy Nurziya, says. The Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On the rights and guarantees of persons with disabilities” was adopted in June 2017 with the assistance of the UNDP and the MFA of Finland project “Widening Access to Justice in the Kyrgyz Republic” to ensure the rights and guarantees of the persons with disabilities. The law entered into force in early 2018 and is relevant because it is focused on integrating the persons with disabilities into the society, ensuring their elementary rights that will allow them to put their signatures in the documents independently or use the services of education, health care, and other communications.


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